Palawan, Philippines

Nuestros pies colgaban de la proa de la barca mientras el motor nos deslizaba entre islotes de todas las formas, a cada cual más espectacular. Filipinas. Silencios y momentos de aguantar la respiración. ¿Esto es real? No puede haber razón científica que me lo explique. El cielo tiene que existir porque los ángeles que observan este paraíso tienen que vivir en algún lado. La misión de los que vivimos en la tierra no es más que cuidar este tesoro. 

Segundo a segundo Filipinas me ha recordado lo mágico y a la vez frágil que es el planeta. Todo ser viviente es importante en el ecosistema y si de verdad nos consideramos la especie inteligente es nuestro deber cuidarla de manera activa. 


We dangled our feet in the water while the boat was crossing the sea and continued its trek down through the islands, each one more spectacular than the last. Philippines. Moments of silence and holding our breaths wondering is this real? There isn't a scientific explanation for the beauty. The heaven must exist because the angels who observe this paradise should live somewhere. The mission of the people who live on the Earth is no more than to take care of this treasure.
Every second I spent in the Philippines has reminded me of how magic but fragil this planet is. Every living being is important in the ecosystem and if we consider ourselves as the most intelligent species, it's our responsability to actively take care of it.


Stars in the land

 God turned the sky over and put the stars on the land.




Some sentences that I leared here and made me think:

"Fish can't see water" by Multicultural teacher
"The word impossible doesn't exist in english! Actually it means: I+M+POSSIBLE" by Sophie

"I don't need smart phones. I'm smart" by Drama teacher

"You're what you see, you're what you hear. Feed yourself with wonderful images and sounds" buddhist lecture

"Don't eat blue food" buddhist lecture
This one sounds fun but... do you know any blue and edible plant? It'll be totally  synthetic!

I promise you a large list with weird korean facts for us for the next post!

Thousands korean kisses!
(NEVER!!! A korean would never kiss you! -unless he is your love;)